The future of lean biotech manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence and dynamic visualization for improved decision making

BioLean combines machine learning, process understanding and dynamic visualization to provide plant operators with “real-time” information on the development of critical operational tasks


Machine Learning

State-of-the-art machine learning algorithms allow to gain deep insights from big data

Process Understanding

Profound experience in regulatory and advanced process controls allow to design optimal solutions

Dynamic Visualization

Making insights that matter available in real-time allow to make decisions that make a difference

How does it work?

BioLean is an advanced prediction and visualization solution that is tailored for biotech production operations taking into account the nuances and intricacies of
  • Data availability and quality
  • Process constraints
  • Operators constraints

BioLean is a stand-alone solution only integrating with the plant control system (DCS/SCADA) and ERP systems to receive process data while not requiring backward integration into the plant data and control infrastructure.

Your benefits

Increased utilization

10-25%* increase in plant throughput through better capacity utilization

Real-time information

Better and informed decision making based on real-time plant status and predictions

data-driven continuous improvement

Identification of hot spots and opportunities for continuous improvement

Better overview

Advanced prediction of critical operational maintenance tasks

What our customers say

Kim Ekelund-Ottow, PhD
Kim Ekelund-Ottow, PhDFermentation Specialist at Xellia Pharmaceuticals, Copenhagen

Industrial AI in Action – Leading Global Supplier of API’s dramatically improve cost-of-goods-sold (COGS) and operator satisfaction

Together with the BioLean Team we are deploying some of the most advanced and ambitious dynamic fermentation and purification prediction and planning models in the pharma industry. We are leveraging BioLean’s creative expertise in developing and implementing advanced real-time prediction tools with actionable information displayed in our control rooms to aid day-to-day manufacturing of API’s. Apart from significant improvements in execution and highly satisfied operational staff we have also demonstrated an increase in yield and improved capacity utilization hence realizing an improved cash-flow from production.

Personally, I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy working with the BioLean team. I am involved in several production optimization projects with BioLean at our fermentation site in Copenhagen and they just do a fantastic job. Combining our domain knowledge with BioLean’s AI competences and agile mindset delivers value to Xellia. For me this is the future of lean Biotech. Obviously, it requires the right team to succeed and BioLean is a great team. It is very satisfying to collaborate and deliver value with such experts.

About Xellia Pharmaceuticals


Xellia Pharmaceuticals is a leading global supplier of several established and essential anti-infective products.
The Copenhagen Xellia site is the Company’s largest operational site manufacturing sterile APIs and FDFs.
Fermentation is a key competence at Xellia.

Our Team

Our solutions are build around our team of diverse process experts and machine learning experts. We will help you with project scoping to setup and onwards to routine maintenance

Specialized in machine learning for industry process data.
Specialized in designing regulatory and advanced process controls with a research focus on digital twins.
Specialized in uncertainty-aware machine learning.
Experienced application specialist with broad industry experience in process and biotech manufacturing.
Experienced technology and business developer with previous positions both in the IT and Manufacturing sector.


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